Recommended Listens

Bizarre States – this is part of the Nerdist Industries and is a show about hauntings, urban myths, unsolved murders, and other oddities. There are often guests who talk about their own experiences with horror movies, UFOs, and much more.

Death, Dying, and Other Things – this is a monthly weird fiction podcast that shares short horror stories.

Lore – this is a biweekly podcast about real life scary stories and exposes the darker side of history. Stories range from Robert the Doll to the Mothman in West Virginia to Eastern State Penitentiary. Episodes can be found on iTunes, Google Play, and on their website.

Myths and Legends – this is a show that shares folklore from around the world.

Unexplained – this is a biweekly podcast about the mysterious and unexplained real life events that have happened. Episodes have covered Aleister Crowley and his time at the Boleskine House, the Hexham Heads, and the lightkeepers of Eilean Mór.