Eastern State Penitentiary

Prisons and asylums have long been a part of haunted lore – the violence and abuse that have happened and continues to happen make for an exceptionally tragic history but ample ground for ghost stories. One of the most famous of these places is Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania.

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While doing some research for this blog, I periodically sent random tidbits from what I was reading to a friend. Unlike me, haunted spaces, the paranormal, and everything in between never really interested him; in fact, he regularly goes out of his way to avoid it. But after a couple days of me telling him about what I was reading, he made the comment that I should own a haunted house. I’m sure he just made it as an off handed remark but I was strangely honored by the sentiment.

I’m starting this blog for so many reasons; one of the biggest though is I just really love folklore and haunted places and want to share those stories with others. But at the same time, writing and reading about all these things also reminds me of so many fond childhood memories.

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