image2Lore History is a blog that shares the stories and history of folklore, ghost towns, and haunted buildings! Each week, I’ll be sharing the history and details of specific tales from around the world. Some will have a bit of truth; others will be exaggerated rumors grown throughout history.

Folklore is this all encompassing term that embodies dance, oral and written stories, myths, legends, art, rituals, legends. It’s how people celebrate birthdays, family stories, the superstitions of different cultures. Folklore is woven throughout history but it’s also embedded into daily life today, whether we acknowledge it as such or not.

Ghost towns and haunted houses have a unique history themselves. While no universally agreed definition exists for ghost towns, they’re usually described as towns that were abandoned for one reason or another but still have visible remains. A few have even gone on to become tourist attractions and there are dedicated road trips going through the different ghost towns of specific regions. Haunted houses, on the other hand, are specific houses with supposed spirits of the deceased who may have lived and died in the property. Usually, the spirits are there because of tragic events that occurred in the building like murder, suicide, or accidental death.

Stories and lore can share the history of specific peoples and families; they speak to the cultures, traditions, and beliefs of who we are. More than anything, my own love for stories and people is what drove me to create this blog. I hope you enjoy!